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Girişe Dön

  • mary mounib in doğum günü ne zaman kaçıncı yılı

    11 Şubat 1905,
    Mary Mounib’in 114. Doğum Günü
    Born on this day in 1905, Marie Salim Habib Nasrallah moved with her family from Damascus to Egypt, where they settled in Cairo. To help provide for her family, Mounib started working as a dancer at the Rawd al-Faraj amusement park before getting involved in local stage productions as a young girl.

    In the 1930s Mounib joined the Rihani Ensemble, founded by the legendary comedian Naguib el-Rihani, and went on to appear in many plays before making her screen debut in 1934 with Ibn El Shaab (Man of the People). She would continue to appear on screen throughout her long career in the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. Famous for playing the role of a protective mother, Mounib is remembered for her comic roles in Egyptian films like Inshudat El Radio (Song of the Radio), Nashid Al-Amal (The Chant of Hope), and Aser Elaeyon (The Prisoner of Her Eyes).

    Happy Birthday, Mary Mounib!

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